Are Bichon Frises Good Watchdogs or Guard Dogs?

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Written By Thomas Smith

If you’re considering getting a Bichon Frise, you might wonder whether Bichon Frises make good guard dogs or watchdogs. They’re small and fluffy, so can they really help improve your security?

Because bichons tend to bark when a new person arrives, and their barks sound deeper than their size would suggest, they make surprisingly good watchdogs.

Here are some things to remember when considering a bichon as a guard dog or watchdog.

Bichons As Watchdogs

Bichons love people, and the arrival of a new stranger at the door is always a cause for excitement. Even the arrival of their own humans, who they have known for years, can provoke huge fits of barking.

That makes Bichons excellent as watchdogs. If anyone comes to your door, even if they don’t knock, your bichon will pick up on it and let you know.

This is enhanced by the fact that Bichon Frises don’t bark too much on a regular basis. Because they’re not very barky in general, you’ll know that if you hear your Bichon Frise barking, someone has probably arrived at the door.

My dog Lance guards the door

I trained my Bichon Frises not to bark much around the house but kept their door barking habits intact. I even trained them to bark when someone arrives at the door. This has proven excellent from a security standpoint. If somebody ever tried to come to the door at night, I would know because my dogs would bark a lot.

Bichons Have Deep Barks

Another reason Bichon Frises make good watchdogs is the fact that they have a very deep bark relative to their size. Some small dogs often yap rather than bark. Bichon Frises are not yappy, which makes them sound larger than they are.

I’ve often had people come to my door and hear my dogs barking. When I let them in, they’re surprised by how small my bichons are. Based on the sound of their barks, they expect a big dog.

This is great from a security standpoint. If an intruder comes to your door and hears your Bichon Frise barking, they might expect that a larger dog is inside. That could deter them from targeting your home.

Bichons Are Not Guard Dogs

Although Bichon Frises make great watchdogs, they are definitely not guard dogs. Their main objective, if an intruder came into your house, would be to befriend the person.

Bichons assume that everybody wants to praise or feed them. They’re not the kind of dogs that will physically guard your home against an intruder.


The Bichon Frise’s tendency to greet new people with barking makes them an excellent watchdog. Even longtime friends or family members will get a Bichon “announcement” when they come to your door. If an intruder ever tries to approach your home, your Bichons will almost certainly inform you.

Although Bichon Frises will inform you about approaching people, their sunny dispositions and optimistic attitudes mean they don’t make good guard dogs. Unless they can love an intruder so much that they abandon their burgling ways, your bichon probably won’t stop a robber or other nefarious person.

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