5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Bichon Frise

Bard illustration of Bichon with heart

Bard illustration of Bichon with heart

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and let’s face it, no one pours out unconditional affection quite like our furry best friends. If you have a Bichon Frise, they’re likely your biggest admirer! It’s time to return the favor and make Valentine’s Day a blast for your cuddly companion. Here are 5 ways to spoil your Bichon this Valentine’s Day:

1. A Trip to the Park (or a Stroll Around the Block)

Your Bichon Frise probably already considers daily walks to be highlights of their existence, but try kicking it up a notch! If they have a favorite park, plan a longer adventure there. Let them meet the other neighborhood dogs, roll around in the grass, and sniff to their heart’s content. You might even try a new walking path just for a change of pace. Your Bichon’s smile and wagging tail will be all the reward you need.

2. Snuggle Session & Pampering

The cuddly nature of Bichons means a snuggle session will be a hit. Pick out your comfiest couch spot, a fuzzy blanket, and set aside time for just the two of you. While you’re focused on quality time, pamper your pup with a thorough brushing and maybe even a stylish hairstyle or trim. They’ll feel amazing and loved after some dedicated personal grooming.

3. New Toys and Treats

Nothing quite says “I love you” to a dog like a fresh, fun toy! Hit your local pet store or browse online for some new and exciting goodies. Your Bichon will adore anything that squeaks, rolls, or can engage their playful spirit. Throw in some special Valentine’s-themed treats, too! Don’t worry if they contain carob instead of chocolate; your best friend won’t care about the ingredients when they’re enjoying a delicious reward.

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4. Photoshoot Fun

What better way to capture those adorable Bichon features than with a dedicated photoshoot? Get a little creative! Maybe they’ll get some Valentine’s-themed bandanas or wear something with hearts. Let their little personality shine while you snap some memorable photographs to savor. Consider making those sweet photos into magnets, a phone case collage, or even a calendar showcasing your beloved furry Valentine.

5. Homemade Pupcakes

A true act of love this Valentine’s Day should involve culinary magic, even if your “special someone” is four-legged and furry. There are amazing recipes online for dog-friendly cakes and pupcakes. Bake those little bundles of joy yourself, and watching your Bichon gobble them up will be the best part! If you’re not up for baking, most pet stores have healthy celebratory treat options too.

Bonus Tip: Donate in Your Bichon’s Name

If your Bichon Frise could tell you their one desire this Valentine’s Day, it might be for other animals to find loving homes too. If your heart and budget allow, consider making a small donation to your local animal shelter in your Bichon’s name. Not only does it help homeless animals, but it also demonstrates how much you appreciate your best friend’s companionship by offering the same happiness to others.

This Valentine’s Day, remember that showering your Bichon Frise with affection and fun doesn’t need to be costly or complicated. It’s the attention and quality time that truly fills their hearts and makes them feel loved.

By Thomas Smith

I've owned Bichon Frises for 15+ years

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