What is the Bichon Blitz? Everything to Know

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Written By Thomas Smith

Are you familiar with the adorable, small white dogs known as Bichon Frises? If you’re a fan of these playful little pups, then you might have heard a thing or two about the “Bichon Blitz.”

It’s a delightful phenomenon that many Bichon owners experience regularly. So, what exactly is the Bichon Blitz, and why is it such an endearing behavior for these dogs? Lets dive in and find out!

The Bichon Blitz Explained

The Bichon Blitz, also referred to as the “Bichon Buzz” or “Bichon Zoomies,” is a sudden burst of energy that results in a Bichon Frise running, jumping, and playing with seemingly boundless enthusiasm. This behavior can occur indoors or outdoors and involves the dog zooming around at high speeds, often making sharp turns and running in circles.

Bichon Frises are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, but they’re also playful dogs that require regular physical activity to keep them healthy and happy. The Bichon Blitz is their way of burning off excess energy, which also helps keep their weight in check.

Why Do Bichons Experience the Blitz?

The Bichon Blitz is completely normal behavior for a Bichon Frise and is not something that should cause concern for pet owners. In fact, its a sign of a happy and healthy dog. While the specific cause of the Bichon Blitz is not entirely understood, there are a few theories as to why Bichons may suddenly get the zoomies.


One reason Bichons may experience the Blitz is due to a sudden surge of excitement. This can be triggered by a variety of experiences, such as enjoying a favorite toy, playing with other dogs, receiving a treat, or simply enjoying a petting session with their owner. When a Bichon Frise gets overly excited, they may engage in a Bichon Blitz to burn off that extra energy.

Exercise and Stimulation

As descendants of the French Water Dog, Bichon Frises have a strong need for physical activity, so they may be more prone to experiencing the Bichon Blitz if their exercise and stimulation requirements arent met. Boredom can also trigger the Blitz, as it offers the opportunity for the Bichon to entertain itself and burn off steam.

Relief or Comfort

Another reason your Bichon may perform the Blitz could be tied to feelings of relief or comfort. For example, if your dog has been cooped up at home all day while youre at work, they may unleash a Bichon Blitz once you return home as a way of shaking off any pent-up energy or stress. Similarly, if your Bichon has experienced any emotional or physical discomfort, they may use the Blitz as a coping mechanism to help them feel better.

What to Do During a Bichon Blitz

For the most part, Bichon Blitzes are harmless and even amusing to watch. The main concern for pet owners is ensuring their dog doesn’t accidentally hurt itself during these high-energy bursts. Here are some tips to keep your Bichon safe during a Bichon Blitz:

  1. Make sure there are no obstacles or sharp objects your dog could potentially collide with while running around.
  2. If the Blitz is happening indoors, ensure there’s enough space for your Bichon to move around without knocking items over or injuring themselves.
  3. Monitor your dog during the Blitz to ensure they don’t become overly exhausted or overheated.
  4. Consider redirecting their energy to a more structured activity if the Blitz is becoming too intense or unmanageable.

Enjoying the Bichon Blitz

The Bichon Blitz is a charming and amusing behavior that showcases the playful and energetic personality traits of the Bichon Frise. By understanding why this phenomenon occurs and taking steps to keep your Bichon safe during their zoomies, you can appreciate these moments and revel in the joy that these adorable dogs bring into our lives.

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