Watch 9 Rescued Bichon Puppies Play Joyfully on the Way to Forever Homes

Screenshot from MSPCA-Angell video

Forget cat cafes, Massachusetts is experiencing an influx of fluffy charm! The MSPCA-Angell and Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) geared up earlier this year to receive nearly a dozen rescued Bichon Frises, marking a rare and heartwarming event for both organizations. These aren’t your average shelter pups. These nine precious Bichon Frises, hailing from Texas, were … Read more

Are Bichon Frises Good With Kids? All The Details

If you’re on the lookout for a furry friend to add to your family, you may be wondering, are Bichon Frises good with kids? These small, fluffy dogs are charming, intelligent, and adored by many. It’s important, however, to research and consider whether Bichons are suitable for families with children. In this blog post, we … Read more

What is the Bichon Blitz? Everything to Know

Are you familiar with the adorable, small white dogs known as Bichon Frises? If you’re a fan of these playful little pups, then you might have heard a thing or two about the “Bichon Blitz.” It’s a delightful phenomenon that many Bichon owners experience regularly. So, what exactly is the Bichon Blitz, and why is … Read more

Are Bichon Frises Hypoallergenic? Unraveling the Facts

Picture this: you’re sitting in a park when an adorable, fluffy, white dog catches your eye. The friendly canine wags its tail, and you feel an overwhelming urge to bring one like it into your life. However, as an allergy sufferer, you hesitate. Can this dog be hypoallergenic? Introducing the Bichon Frise, a breed that … Read more

Do Bichons Have to Be Poofy?

If you’re considering getting a Bichon Frise, an important question to consider is: can they have a shorter cut? The traditional Bichon cut is a lot of work to maintain, so it’s totally reasonable to have a Bichon without the big poofy head and poofy body. Take my dog Jack for example. Jack is 13 … Read more

Purina HA (Hypoallergenic) Kibble for Bichons – My Review

Purina HA food

As a pet parent, I understand how important good nutrition is for our fur babies! My two Bichon Frises have allergies and require a special diet that is both hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete. After trying a few different options, I found that Purina HA Hypoallergenic Food works best for them. Purina HA is a prescription-only … Read more

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How to Pronounce Bichon Frise (And What the Name Means)

The Bichon Frise is a small dog breed whose name comes from the French word ‘curly,’ describing its signature coat.  The breed is known for being playful and friendly, making them popular companion dogs.  If you’re thinking of adding a Bichon Frise to your family, you might wonder how to pronounce the breed’s name. Here’s … Read more

Can Bichon Frises Eat Bananas?

Are Bichon Frises able to eat bananas? The answer is yes! Bichon Frises, like any other dog, can definitely enjoy bananas as a healthy treat. Here are some things to consider when feeding bananas to your Bichon Frise. Bananas for Bichons The AKC is a great source of info for any questions about feeding your … Read more

How often should a Bichon Frise be bathed?

Are you wondering how regularly to pamper your beloved Bichon Frise with a bath? Many owners of these fluffy furballs ponder this very same question. Fortunately, the answer is quite straightforward: Bichons should typically be bathed every 3-6 weeks. However, this timeline can shift depending on your pup’s individual needs. If your pup delights in … Read more

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