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Alexandria VA: How to Have a Dog Friendly Picnic

I love a good balcony.  In Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House, Charles leaves his wife Lane for one of his cancer patients, Ana, who has a balcony.  When I directed this play at Johns Hopkins, my favorite scene to direct was when Ana and the maid Matilde sit on Ana’s balcony and toss apples into the...
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Alexandria VA: Hotel Monaco Alexandria

Lots of hotels call themselves dog friendly. Reading the fine print, though, many places are more like “dog tolerant”, or “begrudgingly dog tolerant” or “dog hostile, but with a realization that dogs are like children now and you have to allow them if you want twentysomethings.” When we stayed at a Hilton in New Jersey earlier...
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Alexandria VA: Jack Packs for Alexandria

Traveling with Bichons, much like traveling with children, requires packing a lot of arguably non-essential items.  Bichons need at all times their kibble, food and water bowls, a sweater for when it is cold outside, a selection of toys, a harness for long walks, a leash, a crate, and extra towels for the car.  Just...
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Celebrating Five Years With Tom, Jack, and…Charlie?

Since our dating anniversary (November 5) fell on a Monday this year, Tom and I decided to postpone celebrating until the weekend.  Actually, we had a lovely dinner at Petit Louis, our favorite French restaurant in Baltimore, with Tom’s mom who was in town for a play on the 5th.  While the dinner was superb...
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