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Five Great Easter (or Passover?) Gifts For Your Bichon Frise

With Easter (and passover!) upon us, here are five great holiday gifts your Bichon will love. 1. Gulpy The Gulpy is an all-in-one water bottle and water bowl. It consists of a squeezable bottle which folds down into a little molded plastic bowl. Folding the bottle up opens a valve, and squeezing it fills the...
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Do You Give Your Bichon Presents for the Holidays?

As I sit in Barnes and Noble and look for something to inspire my post, I can’t help but notice that holiday gifts already surround me. ┬áIt’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and everything from 1,000 piece panoramic glitter puzzles of Santa Claus and “Great gifts under $25” to inspirational journals and Grinch mugs adorn the...
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