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California Bichons: Party of Five

When traveling for business or pleasure, typically we are a party of 4 — Amy, Tom, Max, and Jack. A couple weeks ago, however, work brought us on a road trip to Santa Ana, California, which is near Los Angeles, and we piled both dogs and the Gado 2 in the back. For the first...
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The Carrot Chronicles: Carrots and Eggies

Bichons are not picky eaters. I’ve seen Jack eat many things–cardboard, post it notes, days old apple cores found on the sidewalk, earplugs, etc. They are, however, prone to allergies, including food allergies. Max has this especially badly. Since he was a puppy, he’s had to eat hypoallergenic kibble, which can only be obtained with...
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The Carrot Chronicles

Like good Millenials, Amy and I keep a close eye on the Google Analytics accounts for all our various online projects. And recently, we saw a strange trend; we’ve been receiving hundreds of hits to Married With Bichons from people searching “dogs” + “carrots.” Why people are coming to our blog in droves to hear...
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Jack and Max Love Their Vegetables

Getting your child to eat their vegetables can be a nightmare.  From what I remember of my childhood, my parents never really forced the issue on me.  There is one exception: carrots.  Whenever my mom and I would go out to eat, if there were carrots on my plate, you could be sure she would tell me...
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