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Jack’s Fortune

Amy and I cook a lot. But some nights, we don’t feel like putting a meal together, and we end up going to a restaurant or getting takeout. Amy usually doesn’t eat a lot of Chinese food, but every once in a while, she gets a hankering for wonton soup. Earlier this week, we had...
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Jack Discovers Twitter

Yesterday, we started a Twitter account for Married with Bichons (@MarriedWBichons), so we can share our blog posts, as well as quick photos and other smaller updates. When we showed Twitter to Jack, he naturally assumed that, like other birds he had encountered previously, it was edible.  Thankfully Jack did not manage to eat our...
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Alexandria VA: The Greatest Invention Ever

While exploring the waterfront in Alexandria Virginia, Amy, Jack and I happened upon an invention which rivals the telephone, Internet and bifurcated leash in its importance. Perhaps some new labor saving device? A cure for a dread disease? No. Better. A dog water fountain. The dog water fountain works just like a human water fountain,...
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Jack Gets a Whole Steak

This weekend we had some filet mignon which had sat out for a bit, so we decided to give it to the dogs. Normally we tear steak for the dogs into tiny pieces, partially so they can eat it more easily, and partially so we can make them go through their whole repertoire of tricks...
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Jack’s New Hobby

It’s autumn here in Baltimore, and that means leaves are falling, decomposing, and generating all kinds of interesting new smells. Ever industrious, Jack is not one to let this opportunity go to waste! To make sure the change of season is fully appreciated/utilized, Jack has found a new hobby; locating an especially interesting piece of...
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