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Amy Smith

Amy Smith lives with her husband Tom and two Bichon Frises, Jack and Max, in Baltimore, Maryland.  She was born in Lake Success, New York and has lived in many states, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and most fondly, California.  She started nagging her parents to get her a dog (a golden retriever) when she was in kindergarten.  She finally wore them down, and got her first Bichon Frise, Max, when she was twelve.  She holds a Bachelor’s in History of Science, Medicine and Technology from the Johns Hopkins University where she met her husband, Tom.  Amy and Tom bought their first Bichon, Jack Morgan-Smith, in 2009, and were married two years later in May 2011.  Amy and Tom now work together at their own tech startup.


Tom Smith

Tom grew up with a cat (something for which Amy has since forgiven him). Since meeting Max and getting Jack, Tom has become a full-on bichon convert. Like most converts, he purses his newfound passion with evangelical fervor. Tom holds a Bachelors in Cognitive Science (so he can understand books like Inside of a Dog) and Anthropology (so he can overuse phrases like “postmodern influence” and “Western milieu” in casual conversation) from the Johns Hopkins University. Tom proposed to Amy in 2011 using Jack as a glorified ring pillow, and they have lived happily in Baltimore ever since.


Maxwell Buttercup Duchovny Morgan the Third Twice Removed (AKA Max Morgan)

Max Morgan was born in Flemington, New Jersey in 1999. His principal passion in life is eating, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than charming humans into giving him green beans, or meticulously searching new environments for dropped Cheerios. Projecting a regal air at all times, Max is the older and wiser of our two bichons, and is rarely caught engaging in low-brow activities like tug-of-war or fetch. Max has a pathological fear of parking lots, and will alert all within earshot whenever one comes suspiciously close to him. Max’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving–he has been know to stake out a prime place near the oven several weeks in advance. Max is convinced that everyone and everything should be his friend, pitbulls, moving vehicles and sketchy homeless people included. Max loves his nephew (see below) most of all, but reserves a special place in his heart for people with low coffee tables and tasty food.  He is also the first of the Morgan-Smith family to be featured on the cover of The New York Times in an article chronicling his 2013 gallbladder surgery at Penn Vet School.


Jack Morgan-Smith

Jack was born in Whippany, New Jersey (where all the best Bichons come from) in 2009. He is Max’s great, great, great nephew (really). Jack enjoys long walks in the park, and will do anything for a nice, juicy steak.  His favorite toy is his lambie-doodle, which he’s had since he was a puppy and his parents now keep in the closet so he doesn’t tear it to smithereens.  Why is his last name different from his parents, you ask?  Jack was born out of wedlock, so naturally, he had to take both of his parents’ last names.  After his parents got married and his mom changed her name to Smith, he kept the Morgan part of his name because, after all, he likes his uncle Max best of anyone.

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  1. This is already my favorite blog. I look forward to following your adventures! Maxwell Morgan is welcome to come by and search my environment for dropped Cheerios any time — he won’t be disappointed. I can’t promise to provide Jack with steaks, but I can absolutely promise long walks in the park.

  2. The blog looks great! Happy fifth anniversary.

  3. Oh my lord, these bios are fabulous. I can’t wait to read more! :)

  4. Love it ALL!!!

  5. Hey Amy and Tom! Great blog. I can’t wait to read more posts!

  6. I’m one of your mother/m-i-l’s friends. Welcome to the blogosohere. I look forward to following your adventures with Max and Jack. We have a cock-a-poo named Dino who keeps insinuating himself into my blog—a blog hound?

  7. I think your Bichon, Max, could be related to our baby, Sunshine (aka Precious Sunshine on Your Face; formerly known as Living la Vida Loca/Ricky,one of Glenn & Sandy Veltman’s Showboat Bichons). Max and Sunshine share similar characteristics, for sure.
    Love your blog, Gwen

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