California Bichons: Cypress Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Carmel-by-the Sea is one of my favorite places in the world, and over Valentine’s Day this year, Tom and I took a weekend trip with the Bichons. We stayed at the Cypress Inn, Doris Day’s famous dog friendly boutique hotel. This hotel exemplifies why Carmel is one of the dog friendliest towns in America. At the Cypress Inn, dogs are given their own blankets and water bowls, and welcomes into most parts of the hotel’s restaurant and lounge. In walking through the hotel, you’ll see that about 80% of the guests have dogs with them. This would surely not be a place to stay if you dislike or are allergic to dogs. The hotel notes in their pet policy that dogs are not permitted on the furniture (they provide blankets to drape over the chairs), a rule which Jack promptly ignored as soon as we entered our room

Max was slightly more obedient, and made himself comfortable on a blanket by the heater, before whining to be lifted onto the bed.

One great perk of staying at the Cypress Inn is that breakfast is included. Each morning, I grabbed a tray full of delicious things for Tom and I to eat, and we sat in the lounge with the Bichons. And each morning, I brought them small glass containers of peanut butter as a treat. The Bichons are clearly starting to see the pattern that they get peanut butter every time we stay at a hotelĀ (see #2 of Top 5 Moments From Our Trip To Ashland, Oregon post).

At lunchtime, the Bichons enjoyed oysters, Caesar salad with crab cakes, and a steak and blue cheese salad from Terry’s Restaurant & Lounge at the hotel.

From the Bichons point of view, the highlight of the hotel, and perhaps even the entire trip, was when we ordered them dinner from the hotel’s restaurant. Here is a video of me feeding bites of cooked hamburger meat to Max and Jack. Did they enjoy it? Watch to find out.


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