Thanksgiving Dinner Fit For a Bichon Frise

March 31st was Max’s 15th birthday, and to celebrate, we cooked his favorite meal — a full Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Despite the plethora of nature reserves, it is surprisingly difficult to find a fresh or frozen turkey in Northern California in March. After driving back from Oregon on Sunday, we searched several grocery stores before securing this 15 pound Kosher turkey from the Walnut Creek Whole Foods.

The smart way to cook a Thanksgiving meal is to prepare some of the dishes ahead of time. On Sunday night, we made the sourdough stuffing with sausage and pears, the mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and banana bread. Max’s favorite part of Thanksgiving (besides eating the turkey of course), is watching his humans cook in the kitchen. He’s always there to help clean up when a morcel of food drops to the floor. With some of the sides out of the way, all that was left for Monday was to roast the turkey and prepare the green bean casserole. As Tom reduced down the homemade gravy, Max stood by to lick the dripping from the floor. That was about as far as he strayed from the oven that day.

After the food was all laid out on the table, Tom held Max up so he could appreciate the birthday spread. Then we plopped him on his very own seat. He was totally ready to dig in.

As we ate dinner, we Skyped with Max’s grandparents so they could watch him enjoying his birthday turkey. We’re not sure if the Bichons knew how their grandparents got into the computer. In any case, it was pretty difficult to keep them focused on the laptop with a 15 pound roasted turkey on the table.

Here Tom is feeding Max some turkey as my parents watch from the laptop.┬áIt’s amazing that in 2014, you can be thousands of miles away, and still get to watch your dog eating turkey on his birthday.

With all the focus on Max, Jack had no problem climbing up on the chair to more easily steal goodies from the table.

Before Jack had the chance to knock a platter over, we made sure both Bichons received plenty of juicy turkey. Max and Jack are best friends, and Max was more than happy to share his birthday turkey with his nephew. After the feast and after everyone got their fill out turkey, we all sang happy birthday to Max, who can’t wait until Thanksgiving and the next turkey dinner.


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