Top 5 Moments From Our Trip to Ashland, Oregon

Once we passed the tornado in Northern California, the rest of the drive to Ashland, Oregon was pretty much smooth sailing. I love exploring new places, and part of the fun of being new to the West Coast is that everything is new. When I travel to a new place, I like to experience that place by trying as much of the local food as possible. Ashland is a great town for foodies, and while I only scraped the surface of what the city has to offer, here are my top 5 moments from our dog friendly trip to Ashland, including Shakespeare, American nouveau cuisine, and towel swans:

1. The cheese tart at Coquina Restaurant – This local spot was recommended by a fellow WIC member who lives in the area. The place was small, and Tom and I were fortunate enough to get a reservation. Besides being the youngest patrons at the American noveau cuisine style restaurant. Our appetizer was a Rogue Creamery Crater Lake Blue cheese tart, followed by a baby romaine salad, and pan seared duck breast with a demi glace and cherries for the entree. The only downside to Coquina was that we couldn’t bring the Bichons.

2. Free breakfast at the Homewood Suites in Medford: A far cry from the American nouveau cuisine at Coquina, I still appreciate a hot American breakfast, especially when it is free at your hotel. Our morning routine involved taking Max and Jack for a walk around Medford Dog Park, a short 2 minute drive from the Homewood Suites. After the walk, the four of us piled into our rented Chevy Malibu and hurried back to the hotel so we could get a free breakfast before it closed at 9 am. I went for the yogurt and english muffins, and Max reached an almost drug like ecstasy when we fed him tablespoons of peanut butter under the table.
3. Morning Glory: Morning Glory not only serves the best breakfast in Ashland, but also they have the largest mimosas I’ve ever seen in my life. I ordered a BLT on sourdough and Tom got blueberry pancakes with lemon butter. A popular spot for a pre-matinee bite to eat, Morning Glory is in downtown Ashland, a short drive from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where Tom and I had tickets to see The Tempest.
4. Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Considering brunch and theater are two of my favorite things, I’ll definitely be coming back to Morning Glory and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is a misnomer because there are shows year round. I especially can’t wait to return when it’s warmer and the Elizabethan style stage is open for the season. Although our show, The Tempest, was in one of the indoor spaces, we got the chance to scope out the outdoor theater for next time.
5. Towel swans: I wouldn’t necessarily think of Homewood Suites as the most luxurious hotel or romantic hotel, yet when we returned to the room, the maid had left this lovely duo of towel swans on our bed. Of course the Bichons thought playing with the swans looked like a lot of fun, and it wasn’t long before the swans were no more.
Tomorrow we’re driving back to the Bay Area and will start to cook the turkey for Max’s 15th birthday on Monday. It’s been a brief, but great trip to Ashland, and I can’t wait to come back for more theater, amazing food and wine festivals, and of course Bichon friendly travel.
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