California Bichons: Dog Friendly V. Sattui Winery in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is about an hour drive from our house, making it a perfect destination for a weekend day trip. Our favorite spot for a wine country picnic is V. Sattui Winery. Not only do they have beautiful picnic grounds, an impressive deli, and BBQ on the weekends, but also they are very friendly towards dogs. As far as I can tell, the deli is the only spot dogs are frowned upon, but they are more than welcome in the tasting rooms and picnic grounds. Sunday was Max’s first time at V. Sattui, and Jack’s second visit.

The first time Tom and I visited V. Sattui was when our friend Heather came into town to visit. We did a bus tour of four Napa Valley wineries, and V. Sattui was by far the best. The grounds are gorgeous and it’s a beautiful spot to sit and have a picnic, even if you don’t want to have any wine.

I’ve always thought wine should be enjoyed with food, and in my opinion, there is no place in Napa Valley that does food and wine better than V. Sattui. On the weekends, they serve an impressive BBQ of ribs, wood-fired pizza, mozzarella bar, and more. They also have a full deli with gourmet cheeses, meats, and an array of sandwiches and salads. Grab a bottle of wine and two glasses, and it is the perfect place for a picnic.

I ordered an open faced mozzarella sandwich, Tom got pork ribs with potato salad, and we shared a bottle of cabernet sauvignon with a Toblerone for dessert. Of course Max and Jack went wild over the BBQ smell. Max especially wanted a bite of Tom’s pork ribs.

About half an hour into our picnic lunch, the Napa Valley Wine Train went by the winery. Everyone stopped their picnics to take pictures and videos on their phones. Our bench was next to the fence, which gave us an especially close view of the train. The dogs perked up at the sound and vibrations of this very big dog, but otherwise behaved like perfect angels and remained calm throughout the afternoon.

For the rest of the afternoon, cuddled next to me as I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn for my monthly book club, and Max sat with Tom, strategically close to the leftover pork ribs. All told, we sat on the picnic bench for about 3 hours, eating delicious food, reading, and even napping. But the best part of our afternoon at V. Sattui was having Max and Jack with us.

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