Bath Time

One of the great things about living in California is that we get to walk every day. The temperature is usually 60-80 degrees, and the rain is all concentrated into a handful of days during the rainy season, so the majority of the time it’s beautiful walking weather. We average 3-4 miles per day. It’s great for exercise, but it does tend to result in…dirty bichons!

Jack and Max after lots of walking

Yesterday, we took Jack and Max to Heather Farms Park, one of our favorite local parks. They ran with other dogs, and then sat on the grass and watched some ducks.

Jack at the duck pond

After almost two miles of walking, they were getting really dirty, so we decided to give them a bath. As we mentioned before, Jack and Max bathe together. They take turns waiting while the other one is getting soaped up, rinsed, or dried. Usually, while we’re working on one, the other gets very quiet, in the hopes that we’ll forget he’s there.

This time, Jack took things one step further. He hid behind the shower curtain (bichons are really good at hiding). He would have dissappeared from view completely, if not for his paws, which gave him away!

Can you spot the Bichon Frise in this photo?

Now the dogs are nice and clean, and we’re taking them for a day in Napa Valley!

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